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3 Adrenaline-Pumping Mobile Game Apps

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Mobile Game Apps

We all love a bit of a thrill now and again. If we didn’t, theme parks across the world would stand empty and they’d be no need for speed limits on our roads!

Here are three Apps for your mobile that’ll help get the adrenaline pumping into your bloodstream.

Galactic Shooter (Android Only)

Those of us of a certain vintage will remember the first time the planet suffered an invasion of electronic computer sprites. The Japanese company Taito unleashed “Space Invaders” to an unsuspecting world in 1978, just a year after “Star Wars” had taken the cinematic world by storm. Kids’ pocket money demand increased exponentially in order to feed the wretched machines with ten pence pieces.

The tactics of those early space invasion pioneers were questionable, though. They’d march down the screen in tight formation whilst the single Earth defender took pot-shots. It was only when the invading forces were down to a handful that they’d discover they could move a lot faster.

In Galactic Shooter the marauding forces are a great deal more sophisticated. You can experience all the thrills of a genuine space battle as hordes of flying saucers bear down upon your lone starship. There are weapon power-ups available and whilst seeming simple at first, the later levels become increasingly manic as you those pesky invaders start to really gang up on you!

Zombie Frontier (Android Only)

If you’re interested, a “zombie” used to mean someone who was placed into a coma by a witch doctor then ‘miraculously’ brought back to life from the (apparent) dead and made to do the witch doctor’s bidding. Nowadays of course thanks to the ubiquitous nature of zombies on TV and film, a zombie is a very dead person who’s not quite yet willing to lay down and accept death as the final act of their lives.

Naturally, zombies like to get people to join the zombie club, which they do with a quick nibble on any parts of a living body they can get to.

Zombie Frontier slams you right in the middle of a zombie apocalypse when the planet is overrun with the flesh-munching undead. Your aim is simple – survival. You have the chance of using multiple weapons as you blow your zombie enemies’ heads off. They are many different kinds of zombies and some extra monsters straight out of the worse kinds of nightmare imaginable.

Full Tilt Poker (iOS Only)

If space battles and zombie-fests are too much for you, why not seek your thrills in a more civilized fashion with a few rounds of Texas Hold ’em? The Full Tilt Poker mobile App is a fully-fledged poker App with the unique “Rush” feature that really cranks up the thrills.

With Full Tilt’s App you don’t have to sit around waiting for the next hand once you’ve folded your cards at one table. You’re simply moved to a vacant seat on another table to start the bidding and playing all over again. This all adds to the excitement as you’re never just sitting watching the other players play out the hand for very long.

Download Full Tilt’s app here and experience some genuine poker excitement.