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BNZ EmotionScan: Know How You Feel About Money

This is a sponsored post on behalf of BNZ, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

BNZ EmotionScan

Do your emotions influence your financial decisions more than you really think they do? Are you in denial about how you really feel about money? These are some key questions to ask yourself when handling your own money. So to help with that, BNZ – one of New Zealand’s largest banks, have launched EmotionScan – a state-of-the-art 3D facial imaging software that is able to track your facial expressions in real-time through your webcam, enabling you to find out how you really feel about money, so you can be even better with it.

During the interactive, you will be faced with eight simple financial scenarios in a confidential environment (on your home PC via the web browser) and EmotionScan technology will be able to track your responses. At the end of the interactive, you will be provided with a report as to how you feel about each of the different scenarios. They will even have “captured” your emotion image and then show you in detail, that emotion that you expressed during each scenario.

This then enables you to see if you really are in denial about how you really feel about money, and how you could improve.

EmotionScan is a way to uncover some fascinating insights about yourself, and how you really feel about money.

EmotionScan technology works by being able to track hundreds of points on the face, and being able to map those to over 43 muscles that are found in the face. It is then able to track these ‘micro’ expressions, which is then able to be translated to the more ‘common’ expressions i.e happy, sad, anger, fear etc.

BNZ EmotionScan Face

So how do you feel about your money? If you knew, could you be better with it? See what your face reveals here: http://www.emotionscan.co.nz