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[Review] How to transfer all your data from one smartphone to another

Wondershare MobileTrans

Now when I got myself a phone to loan from one of the manufacturers, I wanted to experience that new loaned smartphone the same way I use my own phone, now in order to do that I would have to transfer all my data from my phone to the loan phone manually! I mean, the manufacturer didn’t have an easy-to-use transfer software, so I had to find myself one, or do it the hard way – manually. Luckily I found myself one just in time! It’s called MobileTrans, by Wondershare.

In a previous blog post I talked about using another one of Wondershare’s product, the MobileGo for Android, which is an easy-to-use application to manage your smartphone. That, is actually a really good software to use in conjunction with any smartphone. In this review, I will be talking about Wondershare’s MobileTrans.

MobileTrans is a phone transfer software that allows you to copy all data from one smartphone to another in a single click! That means that you won’t have to manually go into the first smartphone, then copy and paste files to the second smartphone. This software does this all for you automatically!

Exactly what type of data does this software transfer you ask? Not only does it transfer your entire list of comprehensive contacts, but also your text messages, call logs, photos, music, videos and apps!

MobileTrans will also enable you to transfer/copy data from and onto three different platforms.. well technically, only two: Android and iOS. The other one is now defunct.

Wondershare MobileTrans platforms

You must be wondering what the third platform supported is? Symbian… yes, you heard correctly, Symbian! That kinda gives you an indication of how old-ish this software is now. In fact, it even mentions something about there being too many devices being released at once and how they can’t keep the list updated.. hmmm.

Nearly every week new android phones and tablets are leased, because of this, we cannot list all MobileTran supported devices here. In this case, if you device is not on this list, please download MobileTrans to try whether it is supported or not.

It then goes on to tell you that you should download the trial version to test if your device works. But anyhoo, apart from that, MobileTrans does work well with supported devices. The only other main platform currently not supported it seems, is Windows Phone. Hopefully that will be supported in the future.

Overall, the MobileTrans software is very easy to use for transferring most data across to another supported device, but does come at a steep price of around 50NZD (39.95USD) and that the Windows Phone OS platform is not currently supported yet.

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For more information on Wondershare’s MobileTrans, please visit: http://www.wondershare.com/phone-transfer/