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[Review] Wondershare MobileGo for Android

Wondershare MobileGo for Android

Have you ever found that your phone’s manufacturer’s software to manage your smart phone wasn’t so up to scratch? For example, lags while you try to load your album of photos through the software? Well fear not! The Wondershare MobileGo for Android (There is also a MobileGo for iOS) saves the day!

With the MobileGo for Android (or iOS) software, not only can you download your photos from your smartphone to your computer, you can also edit your contacts direct from the computer, install and uninstall apps also directly from your computer and it will also let you know when a SMS has arrived while also allowing you to reply, directly from your computer!

Want to make that sound your ringtone? Also included in the software, is a media converter so you can convert video and music for Android, and also extract audio from a video clip to say, make it your ringtone!

The following feature can only work with the Android version of MobileGo: Full Backups. If you have the iOS version, don’t fret, as you already should have a backup on iTunes.

I was always on the lookout for an easy-to-use backup software for my smartphone but hadn’t been able to find an efficient one yet, so when I found out about MobileGo for Android, I decided to give it a try, and believe me, it worked flawlessly. Seriously. You can also choose what to backup, like say you only wanted to back up your apps, or music etc. Also a good thing is that this doesn’t compress the files into a format that only MobileGo can read, it backs up the original files, jpg, apk, so if you didn’t have MobileGo on a computer, you would still be able to transfer the files back manually (of course you have to bring the backup files with you though…). It’s just if you have the MobileGo software, it is a much more easier process to restore: 1-click restore.

Wondershare MobileGo

You are also able to transfer and edit your contacts direct from your PC. You can import contacts from the following sources: vCard files, Outlook Express, Windows Address Book, Windows Live Mail and Outlook 2003/2007/2010. I know many of you will have duplicate contacts somehow so with MobileGo’s “Merge Duplicate Contacts” feature, it will search your contacts for duplicates and will attempt to merge them into one contact for you.

The Desktop SMS Assistant also looks like it is really neat. I don’t get a lot of texts these days (We use email!) so not a lot of texting on my end here! But it claims that you can text multiple friends at once at the same time. So if you have a message you need to get to all of your friends, the group text feature will be good for you. How I interpreted this is that this is not a conference-like feature where everyone will get to see everyone else’s texts, but just an easier way for you to text multiple friends with the same message at once. Not to mention it can also save a history of all your text messages as well!

Also on MobileGo is a really easy and convenient feature that allows you to place all your favourite online resources together in one place, so if you have a favourite website you frequently use to download apps or video clips from (not necessarily illegal content though), you can add them to MobileGo and it will automatically download them to your smartphone. Convenient, huh?

So overall, I thought that the MobileGo for Android software is a really neat software, and should definitely be used instead of your smartphone’s original manufacturer’s software to manage your phone.

You can purchase (one-off cost) a full version of the MobileGo software for about 50NZD (39.95USD) for a single-user personal license, and if you wanted to try it out first, there is also a free trial for you to download. Just a heads up though, the free trial does not have all the features enabled (like the full backup), so you would have to purchase the full version for that. Much for a “trial” though; that was a reason I was first hesitant on buying the full version as the trial…. wasn’t really a trial, more like a limited version of the full version.

To find out more information about Wondershare’s MobileGo for Android (and iOS) please visit:  http://www.wondershare.com/mobilego/

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