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[Review] Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam

Want to Skype your family or mates in High-Def? Well you can’t go past the Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam! This webcam delivers brilliant high-def video, whether you’re recording videos for Youtube, or just Skyping your mates! You can easily capture full 1080P video clips or take 15 megapixel photos and upload them quickly on your social media sites Facebook, Youtube and more! Plus, Logitech Fluid Crystal Technology makes your videos more detailed, vibrant, crisp and real; more true to life. Being heard is also just as important as being seen, so that’s why there are two mics on either side of the webcam that captures natural stereo audio! Read on for the full review!

Many HD webcams will sometimes slow down your computer and not deliver the full HD experience smoothly, if it is not up to scratch. But the Logitech C920 HD Pro webcam has a built-in H.264 decoder, an advanced compression technology, in which compression is done in the webcam itself! So this eliminates time-consuming compression on your averagely powerful computer, so you can get that crisp quality video on Skype even though you have an average PC.

Video quality on Skype was noticeably crisper than my HP TrueVision webcam when talking to the other person. One day when I called someone on Skype, I asked him what had changed on my side, he responded immediately with “Mate, the webcam!” 

The webcam lenses feature optics from Carl Zeiss, which make NASA lenses and are pioneers in camera design for more than a century. Plus, the 20-step autofocus made me look even better in Skype calls in terms of smoothness, and quality.

And also to note, Logitech recommends that “For 720p video calling we recommend at least a 1Mbps upload and download internet connection, and a 2 Mbps connection for 1080p video calling. We recommend a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or higher with 2 GB of RAM. (For specific requirements please check your preferred video calling client’s homepage, as requirements can vary.)” Plenty sufficient enough for these days might I add.

Placing/clipping the webcam on top many different monitors was also a very simple thing to do. The webcam’s clip allowed it to be adjusted in any way to accommodate each monitor thin or thick.

Another feature I like is that it can also be attached to a tripod! At the bottom of this webcam has a tripod attachment, so this would be great for in-home movies/video recording!
Installation was very simple; just plug-and-play. You could choose if you wanted to download some “extras” but these do not impair the performance of the webcam and are not mandatory.
Overall, this webcam is a great addition to Skype (why Skype? Because it is currently the best video calling app that supports HD video and a wide range of other features that go well with this webcam). It has many advanced features like in-built H.264 video compression and Logitech Fluid Crystal Technology which makes your videos more crisp, plus dual stereo mics which captures your natural voice. So if you can’t afford to pay for an airline ticket to see your grandma, grandpa or friends, then this could be the next big thing! They will see and hear the real you!