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[Review] Logitech Wireless Wave Combo MK550

Logitech Wireless Wave Combo MK550

As I type up this review with the Logitech Wireless Wave Keyboard, I feel the ergonomic shape of the keyboard, and not to mention, the comfort. The keyboard also has a cushioned palm rest which makes typing up this review a breeze! The keyboard may seem a bit bulky at first glance, but once you feel the spacious keys and features it has to offer, I’ll bet you’ll make room on your desk for it!

Logitech built this keyboard and mouse thinking of those people that have to sit on their computers, clicking away on their keyboard. In fact the “clicking” noises are also dramatically reduced thanks to its soft keys. The Comfort Wave design is supposed to make typing a lot easier for longer periods by making the keys to a varying-height that will match with your varying-lengths of your fingers. Which it does make it more comfortable typing because it feels a lot more comfortable than my old keyboard! But I felt like it was a bit slippery at times (Yes, my hands were clean) but apart from that, typing on this keyboard was a breeze!
The cushioned palm rest allows you to rest your palms comfortably on the keyboard without bending your wrists, and the 3 adjustable keyboard heights make it easy for you to type at your level height.

Also on the keyboard are a number of hot-keys, which gives users instant access to internet and media programs. For example, above the number-pad, is a calculator button which upon pressing, opens up the calculator program on your computer. However, I did not find the usual Caps-lock, Scroll-lock and Num-Lock indicator light on the keyboard that I would’ve liked, because like most people, I sometimes forget that the respective buttons are on so those ‘incorrect password’ prompts keep coming up.

The keyboard also incorporates F keys which act as shortcuts to most common programs and applications. I found this useful for quickly whipping up the browser to start immediate work.
The most common applications include: Microsoft Word, Calendar, Mail, Search and many more! These are customizable but you will have to install the Logitech software provided to be able to gain access to this feature.

The keyboard and mouse’s range boasts about a good 8-10 meters on the 2.4GHz frequency and its wireless connection has one of the highest levels of security available – 128-bit AES encryption. So if someone was trying to “log” your keystrokes, they would find it a lot harder to do so.

If the range wasn’t enough for you, also in the box comes with Logitech’s USB cable extender so you can move the receiver closer to the keyboard and mice if you needed to. These devices connect to Logitech’s signature Unifying receiver which is so small you could easily swallow it let alone a 3 year old. And it also allows you to connect up to 4 more Logitech-compatible wireless devices!

Logitech was nice enough to include batteries in their line of products so you won’t have to go and buy some! Speaking of batteries, like most other wireless keyboards and mice, they are battery-powered. But because the Wireless Wave Combo is so energy efficient (it needs 2 AA batteries for one peripheral) and smart, the batteries should last up to three years for the keyboard and up to two years for the mouse! But if you are still paranoid about the battery life of the keyboard, there is an indicator light to show you the level of the battery life so that you shouldn’t be surprised with a dead keyboard because the low battery indicator blinks red for quite a while!

But how is it smart, you say? Well it has an automatic sleep mode which detects if you aren’t using the keyboard or mice and goes to “sleep”. The two devices also come with an on/off button so you can conserve the battery life of your keyboard and mice!

The wireless mouse is very comfortable to use with its soft rubber grips on the side. It has integrated back and forward buttons so you can switch back/forth to the page you want easily. This mice operates with laser technology so it will be smooth and precise on just about any surface you put that mice on (They do not work on glass). The mouse comes with 5 programmable buttons but alas you have to download the software to be able to fiddle with those. The battery-indicator light on the front of the mouse can also tell me when it is low on batteries, when it starts blinking red.

I haven’t had any problems with this mice and keyboard so far but Logitech does specify a whopping 3-year limited hardware warranty, so if something doesn’t work you can send it back to the store for a replacement.

These models are available from Warehouse Stationery or from JB Hi-Fi for around $130. I think this price is good enough for a consumer being this keyboard and mice is such an advanced set.

You can visit Logitech.co.nz if you have any technical issues, and all the software is also available for download there!

Overall, Logitech has made this keyboard and mice very user-friendly because of its ergonomics and its easy-to-use features with comfortable grips and rests. It has amazing battery life that you can get, advanced wireless connectivity and a reliable wireless receiver. It may have been better if Logitech had included indicator lights for its respective “lock” buttons on its keyboard.

For more information on this keyboard please visit: http://www.logitech.com/en-nz/product/wireless-wave-combo-mk550

8.5 out of 10