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Full Disclosure

Our team at NZ TechBlog love to try out the latest technology gadgets, software, products, vehicles and consumer electronics.

To accommodate this, we are often provided with products and the like, so we can use them then onto reviewing them on NZ TechBlog. The products may be given to us for short-term, long-term or sometimes even permanently.

Sometimes we are also invited to attend conferences, events locally and internationally and travel, accommodation and tickets may be paid for by myself, or paid for by a company. This does not mean I need to write good things about anyone or anything though.

By receiving these products, services, accessories, travel etc, we do not agree to any specific terms about how we write the reviews or say what we like or dislike about the products in our articles. Sometimes, a company may sponsor one or more of our blog posts/pages/articles, but this doesn’t mean we have to write good things about anyone or anything though. This just means that we have added (no-follow attributed) word-links to the original-worded article, linked to that sponsor’s website/blog/online shop etc. Sponsored posts will be clearly stated at the beginning of the article. All opinions are still 100% mine.

On some occasions, we may be subjected to limit what information we are able to make available to our audience due to confidentiality surrounding unreleased products. This is sometimes referred to as the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

At NZ TechBlog we like to be nice to our audience and so on some occasions products given to us will be made available to give away to our audience.

In order for us to keep on providing free quality content to our audience, some of the product links on NZ TechBlog will be affiliate links (i.e referral links). This means that when you use these links, NZ TechBlog will receive a small commission which will continue to help keep NZ TechBlog running. Purchasing from one of these links will be the same as purchasing from a normal link, except NZ TechBlog will be the referrer. Prices stated will still be the same as the normal link. The products linked will be products that we recommend and in most cases, have used ourselves, so they will not be crappy products.

A big thanks to the NZ Tech Podcast for the cool idea behind this page!